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posticon What about U.F.Cs ? :-)

What about UFCs ?

The enormous amount of world wide witness testimony about UFOs is only just enough to keep the subject of UFOs or ET life debatable. For example if each and every witness on Earth had seen or experienced 'Unidentified Flying Clowns'... (UFCs) instead of 'Unidentified Flying Objects'... (UFOs) (or "Foo Fighters") ...... then we would all have websites and millions of pages of information about these clowns every year. We would have unidentified flying clown books, hoaxed clown photos, fake clown videos, clown magazines, clown abductions, clown sightings, clown gas, clown scams, aurora borealis clowns, crop circle clowns, and meteor clowns... but most people would blame Venus on the clowns.

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2/9/2004, 11:40 pm Link to this post  

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