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posticon Funny example of our chat room.

Funny example of our chat room.....

Normally we have decent folks visit the chat room here...

But once in a while some unusual folks drop in for a rant.
Here is a recent funny example ...


(warning, some profanity)

[21:31] * Anon5733 has joined #Encounter
[21:31] [Anon5733] hello anyone here
[21:31] * Anon3938 has joined #Encounter
[21:32] [Santa] hi
[21:32] * Anon3938 is now known as jack
[21:32] [Santa] hello
[21:32] [Santa] welcome Jack
[21:32] [jack] hi santa
[21:32] [Anon5733] how was you new year
[21:32] [jack] you a male are female
[21:32] [Anon5733] male
[21:33] [Santa] male
[21:33] [jack] you beleve in ufos
[21:33] [Santa] yeah, good new year, just on the internet
[21:33] [Anon5733] yes
[21:33] [Santa] yes
[21:33] [jack] ok
[21:33] [jack] were u live
[21:33] [Santa] New Zealand
[21:33] [Anon5733] south tx
[21:33] [jack] you ever been taken
[21:34] [Santa] no
[21:34] [Anon5733] no
[21:34] [Anon5733] have u
[21:34] [jack] anon u a women
[21:34] [Anon5733] male
[21:34] [Anon5733] y
[21:34] [Anon5733] so have u evr been taken
[21:34] [jack] do any women come on in hear
[21:34] [Santa] yes, women come on here.
[21:35] [jack] win
[21:35] [Anon5733] this is a place for info to be given out not a datting chat jack
[21:35] [Santa] most people are asleep now (from the USA)
[21:35] [Santa] Anon5733. hehe
[21:35] [Anon5733] iam from usa
[21:35] [Anon5733] he he what
[21:36] [Santa] you said, not a dating channel, ... I just smiled.
[21:36] [jack] you all have any prove of ufos
[21:36] [Santa] Anyway, you people seen this ...
[21:36] [Santa]
[21:36] [Anon5733] k
[21:36] [Anon5733] no what is it
[21:36] [Santa] jack: there is a lot of evidence at that website.
[21:37] [jack] what is the address]
[21:37] [Santa]
[21:38] [Anon5733] jack what do u know about ufos
[21:39] [jack] i dont no have you found any web sights that are hard to find on area51
[21:39] [Anon5733] no
[21:39] [Santa] Area51 ? ... what is that
[21:40] [Anon5733] do y believe in ufo
[21:40] [jack] how rosewell were a ufo crash in 47
[21:40] [Santa] yep
[21:41] [jack] is there any hard to find web sights on rosewell
[21:41] [Anon5733] yes
[21:41] [Santa] yes
[21:42] [jack] ok were at on the web
[21:42] [Anon5733] i think y are just kidding
[21:42] [Santa]
[21:42] [jack] ok
[21:42] [Anon5733] y look
[21:43] [jack] how long you been useing the internet
[21:43] [Santa] 10 years
[21:43] [Anon5733] have a good day
[21:43] [Anon5733] more than y
[21:43] [jack] what version of windows you useing santa
[21:43] [Santa] Linux
[21:44] [jack] why dont you use windows
[21:44] [Santa] I do on my other computers Win98 and Win XP
[21:44] [Anon5733] i thing y are just full of bull
[21:45] [Santa] Anon5733: Jack is OK
[21:45] [jack] who full of bull
[21:45] * Alatora has joined #Encounter
[21:45] [Anon5733] jack
[21:45] [Santa] jack might be an alien
[21:45] [jack] hi alatora
[21:45] [Santa] let him talk.
[21:45] [Anon5733] ok
[21:45] [Alatora] hi all !!
[21:46] [jack] you a women
[21:46] * ChanServ sets mode: +ao Alatora Alatora
[21:46] [jack] al
[21:46] [Anon5733] your moma
[21:46] [Alatora] yes
[21:46] [jack] you h*rny
[21:46] [Santa] wb Alatora
[21:47] [Alatora] not now Jack
[21:47] [jack] why not now
[21:47] [Anon5733] so what u wanna come and f*ck me
[21:47] [Alatora] because I just had s*x
[21:47] [jack] who with
[21:47] [Alatora] with my big stong husband
[21:47] [jack] how old are you
[21:47] [Santa] How is dave anyway Alatora ?
[21:48] [Alatora] fine Santa, he's cooking me something nice for a snack.
[21:48] [Anon5733] iam sorry !
[21:48] [jack] were you live al
[21:48] [Santa] we updated our website with MAJESTIC info
[21:48] [Santa]
[21:49] [Alatora] ok, I'll have a look.
[21:49] [Anon5733] BUT I WANT TO TALK ABOUT OUF
[21:49] [Santa] ok
[21:49] [jack] are all a part of a ufo group

[21:49] [Santa] OUF = outer unidentified fairies ?
[21:49] [Santa]
[21:50] [jack] are you all a part of a ufo group
[21:50] [Anon5733] SANTA HAVE Y SEEN UFO
[21:50] [Santa] yes
[21:50] [Santa] yes
[21:50] [Anon5733] WHERE
[21:50] [jack] santa are a part of a ufo group
[21:50] [Anon5733] NO
[21:50] [Santa] saw some cool things at night over the past two years while watching the stars
[21:51] [Santa] here in New Zealand
[21:51] [jack] santa
[21:51] [Santa] jack
[21:51] [jack] are a part of a ufo group
[21:51] [Santa] yes
[21:51] [jack] what it called
[21:51] [Anon5733] WHAT PART OF THE COUNTRY US
[21:52] [Santa]
[21:52] [Anon5733] U SAY IN NEW Z
[21:52] [jack] i mean a top s
[21:52] [Santa] yes NZ
[21:52] [jack] group
[21:52] [Santa] ic Jack,
[21:53] [Santa] no I'm just a civilian
[21:53] [Anon5733] I AM FROM TX
[21:53] [jack] how about you anon
[21:53] [Santa] Greetings to ye'll there in Texas
[21:53] [Anon5733] SO WHAT
[21:53] [jack] hay santa'
[21:54] [Anon5733] I JUST WANT TO N MORE
[21:54] [Santa] Anon5733: did you read that website
[21:54] [Santa] they mention 57 different species.
[21:54] [Anon5733] I AM NEW TALKER
[21:55] [jack] santa you smoke weed
[21:55] [Anon5733] NO
[21:55] [Santa] no Jack, ... I used to several years ago.
[21:55] [jack] ok that xplain why you that ufo
[21:55] [Santa] And in many parts of Australia, it is decriminalized.
[21:56] [Anon5733] I AM GUYUHOW WANT TO NO MORE
[21:56] [jack] you frute cake
[21:57] [Santa] LOL
[21:57] [Anon5733] I U TO U C
[21:57] [Santa] do you guys work for the NSA ?
[21:57] [Anon5733] NO
[21:57] [Santa] do you guys work for the CIA ?
[21:57] [jack] who me
[21:57] [Anon5733] NO
[21:57] [Santa]
[21:58] [Anon5733] IAM A GUY
[21:58] [jack] hell i clean sh*t
[21:58] [Anon5733] I DO TO
[21:58] [Santa] groovy
[21:58] [jack] 09lets get high
[21:58] [jack] rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrroooooooooooooooooo
[21:59] [Anon5733] I WANT TO TALK ABOUT UFO
[21:59] [Santa] Anon5733: ok, what do you want to know ?
[21:59] [jack] i think are full of sh*t anon5733
[21:59] [Anon5733] NOT MUSH
[21:59] [Santa] haha
[21:59] [jack] i no i smeill it
[22:00] [Santa] burning sh*t ?
[22:00] [Anon5733] I JUST A GUY WHO WANT TO NO MORE
[22:00] [jack] ya it is i leving 2 dum ass
[22:00] [jack] in hear
[22:00] [Santa] ok
[22:01] [Anon5733] I AM VERY INTERESTED IN UFO
[22:01] [Santa] good
[22:01] [jack] i wish i had some one to suck my c*ck right now
[22:02] [Anon5733] I AM NOT A FREAK
[22:02] [Santa] you should go to Indonesia or Thailand
[22:02] [jack] talk like one
[22:02] [jack] whats there
[22:02] [Santa] a wife for ya
[22:03] [Santa] cute asian woman
[22:03] [jack] whats her name
[22:03] [Anon5733] I NOT ANGANT
[22:03] [Santa] hehe
[22:06] * jack has quit IRC (I was a java chat user at
[22:06] [Anon5733] SANTA WHAT DO Y SAY
[22:06] [Santa] hmmm
[22:06] [Santa] I'm reading about UFOs.
[22:07] [Anon5733] I JUST WANT TO TALK ABOUT UOF
[22:09] [Anon5733] BYE
[22:09] [Anon5733] MJ ARE Y OUT THERE
[22:11] [Anon5733] SANTA WHAT YOUR STORE
[22:11] * Anon5733 has quit IRC (I was a java chat user at

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